Teletype for Atom

Code better, together

Working on code together in real time is valuable for knowledge sharing and producing high-quality software. The Teletype package for Atom aspires to make it as convenient for developers to code together as it is for them to code alone.

Teletype introduces the idea of real-time “portals” for sharing workspaces. When a host opens a portal, their active tab turns into a shared workspace. There, invited collaborators can join in and make edits in real time. As the host moves between files, collaborators follow alongside with the active tab automatically.


How code gets shared

Each portal comes to life in two steps:

first step
First you connect to atoms servers to see who is collaborating. ? Hi there.
second step
After that, collaborators share code directly with each other (peer-to-peer).






There’s no centralized server to spy on your keystrokes, and Teletype makes use of WebRTC to encrypt all communication between collaborators. What happens place in the portal stays in the portal.

Getting started

Install Atom

Download and install¬†Atom. It’s free, open source, and cross-platform. You can use it on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Install Teletype for Atom

Install the teletype package to begin participating today. If you need help, take a look at how to set up Atom packages.

Share a portal

Click the icon in the Atom status bar, and flip the switch to begin sharing a portal to your workspace. Then invite people to be part of your portal through sending them your portal ID.

Join a portal

Once anyone has provided you with their portal ID, click on the icon in the status bar, follow the link to be part of a portal, and enter the portal ID. The portal opens and all collaborators can edit together in real time.


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