Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Well 2017 passed by pretty quick, didn’t it? It is that time of year again where we start looking to the year ahead and deciding whether we need to make any tweaks or big changes to our plans. One area of running a business that requires us to keep our finger on the pulse is digital marketing, an area that is always changing in some way or other.

Just as you start to master one concept of digital marketing, the goalposts move and you need to start learning about a new trend that is emerging.

So what do we think might crop up as we venture into 2018?

Increased focus on voice search

 With the increased use of personal assistants on laptops, smartphones and in cars, more people will be focusing on creating content that works effectively for voice search. So we will expect some shifts in how people approach keyword use and also the content formats they choose to use. People increasingly want to perform everyday tasks as efficiently as possible and multitasking through use of assistants helps them to do this.In the UK, changes in driving penalties related to mobile phone use is influencing people when they are buying cars and having voice controlled systems is an even bigger appeal than before.

The rise and rise of Instagram

 For a long time, Facebook has dominated social media both in terms of general usage and social media marketing. Instagram recently announced that it attracts 800m users per month, meaning that it is gaining serious momentum in overtaking its competitors and being the number 1 channel used for social media marketing. It looks like Twitter is losing its relevance as it fails to bring new users on board, with Instagram predicted to become the top channel.

 LinkedIn for B2B to increase

 People have seen the benefits of using LinkedIn for individual career networking, job searches and information gathering. In 2018, it is expected that businesses will start to put much more effort into B2B marketing. LinkedIn has seen a number of improvements over the last year to make it a better marketing tool, including its ad platform and sleeker interface. With a huge global reach of engaged professionals to market to, LinkedIn will see great success for many B2B marketers.

 Getting more personal

 We already started taking things to a more personal level in recent years with email campaigns that are targeted and personalised, using any data we can collect about our target audience to develop more effective campaigns. More businesses will be looking to benefit from artificial intelligence to deliver customised experiences to their target customers. One of the big enablers of this will be development of smart content, as companies catch on to the fact that people prefer to use businesses that offer a more personalised customer journey.

 Live streaming

 Video has been getting increasingly well used in digital marketing and it certainly will not be slowing down in 2018. In fact, live streaming is expected to become even more popular throughout the next 12 months. Facebook already opened up live streaming to the world and Instagram Stories are also grabbing the attention on social media. More marketers will start investing in video content and those who do not will get left behind.

2018 is sure to be a very exciting year for digital marketing and those who can keep up with the latest trends are going to garner more success. So make sure that your business stays up to date with some of these trends and the others that you will be reading about over the next few months.

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