Where To Find The Best Salesforce Tutorial For Beginners

Salesforce is a powerful business management software solution. Many companies use it for collecting and organizing data, for maintaining a good communication between various departments and for segmenting their customers into potential groups.

This tool is quite intuitive and easy to learn, but when you are a beginner, you might want some help to get you started. You don’t have to worry, because you can find lots of training resources, many of them available for free. You can become a pro

in as little as a few days, if needed.

Here’s A Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners

There’s a good Salesforce tutorial for beginners right on their official website. You can learn everything about getting started with the program, adding and spy phone calls managing users, importing data, creating reports and many other operations. You can learn everything about merging contacts, creating dashboards and getting started with the Marketing Cloud.

The knowledge database available here is quite comprehensive. There are details about the client applications, about the customization and setup of the system, about email and document management and many other functions. You can also get assistance with various operations you have to perform and you encounter difficulties with. There’s also a video section with lessons about data import, Salesforce for Outlook Sync, password reset assistance and troubleshooting


All support questions are there, with detailed answers, so you have good chances to master most functions of the system within a few days. Besides, you are going to learn how to troubleshoot login issues and how to manage your users. You are going to be able to grant various users various permissions, to create divisions and teams and give each of them access to the information they need for doing their work.

This website includes many user guides in pdf format, so you can download and study them at your own pace. If you need more information, you can always opt for instructor-led training lasses and learn all details of the system from seasoned experts. In  this situation, you should still take a look at all free resources available and make a note of what things you believe you could have someone teach you in depth.

If you are rather the visual type of person, you may learn much better from a video Salesforce tutorial for beginners. There are lots of such resources available online, so there’s no doubt you are going to find some useful ones, should the content on their official website not be enough for you.

After you’ve mastered all these features and modules in Salesforce, you can even think about getting certified, just in case you want to look for a new job in the same area of expertise. It’s always useful to have such certifications that prove you are an expert in this kind of applications. Business management and CRM software is used by so many companies today, that it makes sense for you to become an expert in managing it. You never know when it could be useful in your career.

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