What to Look for in Simulation Software Packages

Mechanical engineers, product designers, and those working in medical research are just a few examples of the types of individuals who would need to use software allowing 3D simulations. This type of program allows you to create a 3D model of either an existing or proposed system. In many cases, the system is a new product or concept.

Rather than testing the product with a real prototype and live simulations, engineers can instead run

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it through the simulation software to see how it would react under certain specified conditions. This allows them to save both time and money, with accurate results because the experiment is tightly controlled by the variables entered. If you’re thinking about purchasing a software package of this nature, there are several features that you might want to look for.

Types of Simulation Tools

The best simulation packages will be able to run several different types of scenarios to test your hypothetical concept or product. Some are created for industrial design, such as the auto industry. These types of simulators can test mechanical products digitally to see how

they would fare in different weather conditions, and how long they last under normal wear and tear. This can help engineers design stronger, safer products. Another type of simulator is one that can simulate processes in a work environment, and can be used to help logistics in a shipping facility or factory. As you compare software, look for a simulation tool that applies to the field you work in.

Data Collection and Storage

As you design products and run different scenarios, you’ll want a program that can keep accurate track of the results. Some software packages will use cloud storage, which can give a variety of interested parties access to the scenario data. Others will have their own storage system built in to the program. You should be able to save the different variables and results in a neat, clean table for easy analysis down the road. By plugging in different equations, you should be able to see these numbers change as you would in a regular spread sheet.

Three-Dimensional Renderings

If you are working as a freelance designer or for a major industrial corporation, you will want to be able to create accurate 3D models of your different designs. This makes it easier to showcase the results of any simulations that you run, for rapid prototyping purposes. Look for software that allows you to use 3D design tools when you’re getting started

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with the simulation process. You should be able to create a visually accurate rendering of each prototype. That way, when it comes time to present your ideas to investors or to factory managers for production, they will have a clear idea of what you have been working with.
These are just a few factors to consider when you start comparing different simulation packages. The right choice will depend on the industry

you work in, as well as what you plan on using the software for. Today’s best industrial and simulation software tends to include a heavy 3D design element as well as advanced storage capabilities, so that you can get the most accurate results.

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