What Handsets Have The Best Specs For Video Use?

Mobile phone consumers no longer simply want a phone to make calls and send texts, we all expect more from our mobile phone. We, the public, want our phone to help organise our day, to entertain us with games that must have the latest graphics, we

want to access the internet from wherever we are and we want our phone to take top quality photographs and capture those special moments with an integrated video recorder.

And what better phone to provide all of this than the Apple iPhone. Market leader in smartphone sales, the Apple iPhone has been providing users with features they never even knew they needed (and resultantly can’t possibly live without).

Each model has served to impress the consumer with capabilities and specifications that most other mobile phones could only dream of and the latest

addition to the iPhone family is no exception.
Just when you thought that the Apple iPhone couldn’t get any better the much anticipated iPhone 5 is here. With iPhone fans queuing to even catch a glimpse of this iconic device does the latest model really live up to the hype?

Well the answer is yes, particularly when it comes to our subject matter; video. The integrated camera is already the most popular camera in the world and the video recorder is set to follow suit.

The 1080p HD video guarantees a high quality of footage through the lens of the renowned iSight camera. Shaky shots have been alleviated with improvements made to the stabilisation of the handset – up to ten faces will benefit from

the face detection feature and the user can capture moments at the same time as footage with the option of taking photos while recording; genius.

So if you are looking for a mobile phone that will provide the best specifications for recording video then the latest offering from Apple is certainly a top pick, get a great deal at www.phones4u.co.uk/ today.

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