UrbanClap – Perfect Remedy for Service Providers and Seekers

Recently my friend’s father expired unexpectedly. He survived by his wife and two kids. The kids are very young – one is just 12 years old and the other one who is my friend is only 20. Their dad was the only earning member of the family. His sudden death by accident put all of us in shock. The entire weight of the family’s income was shifted on the wife’s shoulder. After three months the children slowly started recovering from the grief but their mother was still in the state of shock. My friend used to be really worried about his family especially his mom who was still grieving over the death of her husband. 

My Friend’s mother was all gloomy and she would never talk much to anyone. She would always keep to herself and be lost in her own thoughts. Most of the time during the day she would murmur to herself. And During the night she wakes up abruptly and breaks into a sweat.

This made my friend really worried and helpless. He wanted to do something to help his mom and his family, so he asked me for guidance. I too being young dint know how to handle this situation. His Relatives used to come home often and tried to cheer up his mother. They would come to the house and talk to her and offer her encouragement. Though this helped momentarily she again relapsed into the same pattern of behavior. She was unable to take the shock and stress and isolated herself from the outside world completely.

Then it occurred to me that may be his mom needed help of an expert. But neither my friend nor me knew of any counselors in our area, as we had never encountered or expected such a situation before.

I tried looking up the newspapers and also asked friends and family for the contact of a good counselor. Then one morning when I woke up I found a notification regarding updates of apps on the phone. Out of which one of the app was UrbanClap India. Then I remembered that urban clap app had helped me number of times in the past with the contacts for various service providers such as carpenters, music classes, yoga classes etc. So I hoped that I can even search for counselors in this app and I was right. I posted my request on the app by filling in the regular details. And the next morning I received a few contacts of different counselors who lived around the same vicinity as my friend. Out of this we short listed the best one and took his mom for a session. After a few sessions his mom started showing considerable improvement. In a span of three months his mom was out of the depression. She has now started working and takes care of the family. Even though one can never get over the loss of a loved one’s life I am happy that his mom has taken control and is taking steps towards a better life. Thank you urban clap for helping us in this time of need.

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