Touching the Future: Great Apps, Software, and Gadgets for 2013

It’s the New Year and already new apps, software, and other gadgets have rolled out for the masses to consume. Everything from voice activated flat screen televisions to apps for your iPad that streamline business are available to consumers for competitive prices. Technology exponentially increases, and so does our thirst for newer, sexier gadgets, apps, and software. Here’s a list of three items to watch out for in 2013.
iPad POS Systems. The iPad grows more legendary every day as apps introduced to the hardware make life easier for business owners. iPad POS systems are changing the face of retail operations. This software allows a business owner to wirelessly access cash registers, clock in employees, view table arrangements, manage and customize orders, and track transactions in real time. iPad POS Systems uses cloud-based technology, which allows users to share information without the use of clunky flash drives. Gone are the days of floppy disks to access Excel worksheets! This streamlined software will make life for everyone easier, and will please your customers.

Samsung F8000 LED TV. Television isn’t the gigantic box your grandma used to have. This baby is truly a beauty! Revealed at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show, the Samsung F8000 features faster online video streaming, thickness of only a quarter inch, voice integration, and sizes up to 75 inches. Samsung’s line of Smart TVs will also be able to suggest relevant content based on viewer habits. The Samsung F8000 LED TV also features the Smart Hub, which reveals panels where users can access photos, videos, social media, Skype, and of course, television programs. With all of these great features, it would be easy to get lost in the Smart Hub without ever

watching a program!

    Summly. If you have a severe case of ADHD when it comes to surfing the web for news, Summly is here to save you. Created in 2012 by 17 year-old programmer Nick D’Aloisio, Summly allows users to better consume the news on smartphones. It places relevant content in specific tabs, and summarizes news articles so users get the meat of the information without sifting through the drivel. If you ever wanted to get to the point, this app is absolutely perfect for you. Since D’Aloisio is so young and technology is expanding so fast, there is plenty of time for Summly to completely innovate mobile news viewing. Although it is only available for the Apple iPhone, expect it to move to Android platforms and tablets very soon.

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