Top Sweatpants Rules Every Man Needs To Know

Wearing sweatpants out in public is a treat and requires a certain sense of style. Just because you’re a male who is wearing your sweatpants to a movie that doesn’t mean you need to look like a slob. Sporting sweatpants in public is actually a rising trend amongst celebrities and the likes. You will find stars like Ashton Kutcher, Chris Evans and Jamie Dornan sporting the whole comfortable sweatpants look. Getting out in sweatpants is something even you can do, but keep in mind these rules to prevent a fashion faux pas.

Choose A Skinny Fit

The current trend in male sweatpants is wearing a pair that’s skinny from the knees down. So if all you have in your wardrobe are baggy and loose sweatpants it may be time for you to update your style. Find yourself a pair of pants that are tapering from the knees down but the taper should be just right, you don’t want it to seem like you’re wearing a woman’s leggings.

  1. Ensure Your Sweatpants Are Loose Around Pelvic Zone

Another thing you need to keep in mind while closing in on a pair of sweatpants is that they must be loose around the crotch area as well as your thighs. Men’s sweatpants that are right around the pelvic area just look terribly inappropriate. 

  1. Get An Appropriate Fit

Before you purchase a pair of sweatpants ensure that they fit you well. If you wish to look comfortable yet trendy you need to get a pair of sweatpants that fit your body type perfectly. There are several websites like that offer a variety of sweatpants for men. Some of these portals also have an excellent return policy, so If you find that the sweatpants don’t fit you right you can exchange them or get a refund. 

  1. Match Your Outfit

Just because you’re wearing sweatpants that doesn’t mean you need to roam around like an unmatched clown. If you’re going to wear sweatpants ensure you wear a matching t shirt and appropriate shoes to complete the outfit perfectly. Ideally sneakers or canvas shoes go best with sweatpants. If you’re wearing your sweatpants in the evening you can even throw on a matching zipper.

  1. Ensure Your Wearing A Clean Pair of Sweatpants

Wearing sweatpants in public is an occasional treat. So if you are planning on wearing sweatpants outdoors make sure that they are immaculately clean. Wearing a pair of sweatpants that are filled with food and coffee stains is highly unappealing. If you can’t find a clean pair in your wardrobe, buy a new pair.

  1. Buy A Pair With Elastic Cuffs

Sweatpants with elastic cuffs at the legs are extremely in fashion right now. So if you don’t have a pair with elastic cuffs at the legs, buy yourself one. That way you can pull them to up to your ankles and flaunt your trendy footwear too.

  1. All Purpose Sweatpants

The perfect pair of sweatpants are the ones that you can wear to the movies, to bed and to the gym. So if you don’t own a pair of sweatpants that can be sported in multiple places then don’t wear them in public places.

Wearing sweatpants in public is an absolute delight and treat. So, if you are going to be caught wearing sweatpants in public you want to make sure that you wear them appropriately and don’t look shabby and sloppy. Keep in mind that comfortable clothes can even look extremely fashionable and trendy if worn in an appropriate manner. 

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