Top 20 Best Android Games 2011 for Free Download

Mobile technology is growing day by day, now mobile phones are not used just for making phone calls but can be used as camera, mp3 players, TV, web browsing and many more, for this purpose new and latest software and OS are required, One of them is Android. Android is most widely used operating system in these days and approximate android is used today’s touch pad mobiles, not only OS it also supports a large no. of applications and functions in smart phones.

Mobile games industry is growing continuously and Android has a huge collection of free apps and free games so in this sequence we are here with some of the best android games list for free download. I am sure you enjoy and love to play these games. I hope game lovers will love to play these games for having fun and enjoy. This is the best collection of 2011 for android Smartphone users. Also visit our previous article- Linus games, best browsers 2011, etc. You can share your views in our comment section below.

1) Racing Moto

Every One

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should go slow on bike and etc in real Life, going fast is very harmful for is a Game only be carefull in real world. Racing Moto is Fast Passing Game.Enjoy this Game.

2) Angry Bird

In this Game the angry bird have its unique powers, with the help of this power angry bird destroy the greedy pigs fortresses. Enjoy the angry Bird.

3) Drag Racing

Once again i just want to beware you that do not try this in real life. it is addictive drag racing game having some realistic controls near about 53 or more cars . Enjoy the Race you ever never yet enjoyed till today.

4) Bubble Blast2

It is the real Mind Game.There is in this game you can touch your screen for few touches and you have to complete the stage in these given be carefull and use your sharp mind for having this game completion.

5) Ant Smasher

Ant smasher is a cool the ant is crossing our screen in different manners and we have to smash them before crossing our screen.There is some bees are also crossing our screen, we should save them otherwise our game will be over.

6) Fruit Slice

7) Paper Toss

Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? Has your boss ever gone out for a quick bite while you and your co-workers see how far you can move the trash can away and still make the paper shot? Have you ever brought in electric fans to make the shot even harder? Backflip Studios is happy to announce that we have brought this amazing and hilarious experience to Android.

8 ) Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap is a simple but very addictive puzzle game. The goal is to help a trapped mouse find the exit of a given maze. This can be achieved by sliding blocks out of the mouse’s way. As you unblock each part of the maze, you will be given a chance to unlock bonuses and gain coins

9) Tap Fish

Welcome to Tap Fish, you are only taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide what fish to grow, to sell, and to breed!

10) Yoo Ninja

Yoo Ninja is a fast-paced jump game, to lead the player to a neck and neck into the strange world of jump. Jumping up and down run over and avoid obstacles. Constant forward speed, to throw off the chase has been behind in their own darts. Once the

action errors, it will fall into the abyss or be killed by darts.

11) X Construction lite

Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley. Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley.

12) SpeedX

Speedx delivers a stunning accelerometer-controlled tunnel experience. Test your reflex in an ultimate speed challenge with smooth 3D graphic. Global leaderboard and achievements with OpenFeint.

13) Blast Monkey

Moki is a hungry monkey, and only one thing can fill his rumbling belly. BANANAS! Help Moki fly through fun and creative obstacles in search of a giant bunch of bananas. In order to make him really full, and to get the highest score possible, collect the three elusive individual bananas on each level.

14) WordFeud

Wordfeud is a cross-platform multiplayer puzzle game available for Android and iPhone. Challenge friends and random opponents and play in up to 30 separate games simultaneously!

15) Live Holdem

16) Air Control Lilte

Control the air traffic, and help the air crafts safe to the ground. In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.

17) Jewels

Jewels is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 puzzle game. It’s somewhat addictive, do try it out!

18) Inotia3

Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure! What would it take to change a warrior’s destiny? The Big Adventure! Inotia3: Children of Carnia! An inevitable fate lies before the children of Carnia. The greatest epic adventure by far! The Chronicles of Inotia 3! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia.

19) Tank Hero

Battle through dangerous arenas and become the Tank Hero!

Fast paced 3D tank action on your Android phone. Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the Tank Hero!

20) Bug Village

This is BUG VILLAGE, where you build a colony of ACTIVE ANTS and BUSY BEES! This is BUG VILLAGE, a tiny town where you build and nurture a colony of ACTIVE ANTS and BUSY BEES!

Enjoy with this collection of free games that are made for your smart phones.Give your valuable comments in comments section. Have a nice day.

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