TINY OWL- Quick Way to Get the Most Delicious Food

I am glad this type of place do exists. Today, everything is available just in a tap on your Smartphone and food too. It can be possible just because of the apps like swiggy, zomato and Tiny Owl. You can browse, order different types of dishes, desserts and many more on these apps. The food will be delivered on your door in just few minutes to hour depending on the order you have placed.


I am a workaholic person and skipping the breakfast was regular thing to me apart from being foodie person. I live alone away from home in a new city where my office isand there was no one top take care of it. I also have no time to prepare the breakfast and have it due to the hectic schedule of my office. The only time I got in the morning is when I am driving towards office from my home. After sometime I have started feeling weak due to the hour of working without any breakfast and proper lunch. Then I fell sick and have to bed ridden for week, this have created immense loss in my routine and working. One day I was browsing over the net and I came to know about the Tiny Owl app. This app serves everything what I needed from long time. I felt very happy and started using the app from that day. Now I daily order my breakfast before I step out for office and have it during driving or on reaching the office. I am very thankful to this app.


Tiny Owl is one of the biggest food order and delivery service apps in India. It offers their services in the cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Gurgaon. It has covered almost all the best restaurants of these cities.They also offer discount and coupons to their regular customers. You choose among the 1000s of menus of various restaurants they show on their app and it will be delivered in no time without making you wait in hunger. Tiny Owl app is available on both android as well as iOS version and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

This app also has listings of most of the restaurants and you can order any specialty cuisines of any restaurants. Tiny owl app serves starters to main course, beverages to desserts, bakery and cakes also. You just have to download tiny owl app, browse the restaurants, select one, browse the dish you want to eat and order without any hassles. They are also very fast in delivery. Tiny Owl also provide multiple payment options to their customers like cash on delivery, through debit or credit cards, etc. and they also gives discounts to one of their astound customers who are regular to this app like me. On bigger orders they also give coupons to their customers.

The food Tiny Owl delivers is always delicious and hot. The packaging of the food is always best and suitable according to the food. Tiny Owl always ensures that the packaging material used should be best so that the quality of the food can be maintained. This all together makes it a perfect place for any foodie. I have always enjoyed the quality of food they have delivered and their fast services.


I regularly use this app and it is one of the favorite apps that has always ensured me with the food they served. They are continuously upgrading their services to provide the best experience to their customers. It is used by thousands of users and also has the most number of satisfied customers. I would rate this app 4 out of 5.

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