Top 10 Best Facebook Games 2013 That You Love to Play

Facebook a very popular name in world of social networking sites among of all age group,founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. In short form it reliable canadian online pharmacy reviews is also called FB, it’s the second most popular site and no.1 social networking site among internet users, around 1.15 billion user uses Facebook all over the world. At some American University there is an academic book named Facebook issued by these university at starting of the year reviews my canadian pharmacy by their administration for students to help get to know each other easily. Firstly it is launched with the domain name after this Facebook launched a high-school version in September 2005. To play Facebook games firstly you should create a Facebook id and then log in with this authentic id. and write the game name listed below in search option and you got that game to play.

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Facebook Introduce New Privacy Features To Competitor Google Plus

By the launch of Google+ the buzz around the users of cyberspace centered over the lack of privacy features related to the social networking king Facebook.

Google+ become popular among users very soon and have welcomed over10+ million registered users just with in 2 weeks, it offers very fine privacy control and this is the key advantages in comparison to their competitor Facebook, but now Facebook rolling out its new privacy features and many more updates towards users privacy issues, Now it offers a “safety blanket ” to its users.

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