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While I am writing this post I am wondering what the hell we were doing without internet? There is so much to share, to learn and to earn of course. Internet, online, Emails, chat all these jargon of words have covered our daily routines.

What exactly we were doing without all of these? You will say people were communicating, expressing and earning but my question is at what pace? Internet has definitely made our lives super–duper fast.

There is a whole new industry which is established and still evolving that revolves around this online communication and networking. People go to search engine portals and search for every damn thing on this earth or may be even beyond it. Do you know the global online population is estimated at 2,095,006,005? Apart from personal communication large number of people use internet for earning too. Companies use internet as a marketing and promotion tool. There are several promotional areas and one of which is business or services related to SEO or search engine optimization. There are several criterions which determine the earnings. One such is View-through conversion rate which means the percentage of users who view an ad and do not click on it, but who go to the ad’s associated conversion page and undertake the desired action(usually within a certain period of time). Number of visitors, clicks, subscriptions, and back-links are some more factors which have their own relevant place in SEO market.

Companies mostly outsource SEO and other online marketing activities. The reason can be anyone of lack of in-house talent, lack of in-house tools and technology, and lack of time. Google has been a pioneer in search engine market and claims 70% or more of search engine market share in the US. But 70% of small business owners spend three hours or fewer per week on marketing, despite the fact that email marketing is one of the best drivers of conversions. This means- there is lot more to Explore and Establish!

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