: Perfect Place to Sell your Cell Phones

If you have, unused mobile phones and you want to sell it and make money out of it then is the perfect place for you. Here, you can sell your cell phone and get some

substantial amount in hand for doing it. The whole process is extremely easy, fast, and rewarding.

Just follow these three easy steps for selling your mobile phones.

  1. Paste Free Pre-Paid Shipping Label: Get a free tag of US Postal Service or FedEx, print and paste it on the box so that you do not have to pay any delivery charges.
  2. Pack and Send the Box: Put your mobile phone in a box and send it to the postal
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  3. Receive Cash: You will receive your check at your doorstep within 4 days of receiving the packet.


Nowadays, due to improvement in technology we need to upgrade our mobile phones quite often and the old or unused mobile phones are dumped in our home. However, now there is an easy and profitable solution for getting rid of this clutter. Moreover, keeping many mobile phones in our house is not at all safe as it releases radiations, and if we try to dispose it in the water bodies then it will emit toxic acids that impose serious threat to our environment. Is it not an appealing way of getting rid of your old mobile by contributing towards the environment by keeping it safe and healthy and getting money, on the other hand!

Many people do not try to sell their mobile phones as they think the whole process of selling their cell phones an extremely time consuming task. They will be plainly proved

wrong if they would consider selling it through the online portal Selling your unused cell phones is extremely easy; you just need filling out the form given

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on the site and in a short period of time get the best price for it. is also involved in charity causes like donating an educational book for each phone that is sold to their site. You can get a new gadget, like the new iPod from the money you earn after selling your cell phones.

If you find it difficult to erase the data, like contacts, videos, photos, sms existing in your cell phone, then they have also provided Erase Your Cell Phone Data tool on their website. This tool will tell you how to erase your valuable and personal data with so much of ease. What you have to do is to enter the details about your cell phone, like name, Cell Phone Model and Cell Phone Manufacturer and after following the video, you can remove all your data. is one of the finest and dealing with this

site is quite valuable for you. The benefits you will be getting are:

  • Getting money for the thing that was almost useless for you
  • Making your home clutter free from the useless devices
  • Helping you to contribute towards the environment for making it green

Many people have an incredible experience dealing with and getting a decent amount for selling their cell phones. Moreover, users also have a chance of winning Jackpot worth of $5000, and every cell phone seller has a chance of winning this prize.

So, get ready for selling your useless cell phone and do not miss the possibility of becoming the winner. Just remember the name and I am sure you will not look for any other site for selling old cell phones.

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  1. aryan

    If you have your used cellphone and want to buy a new one. Just visit sell my cell phone and you will be given some guidelines to follow. Try it, I tried it too and infact I did bought another phone which they are selling 🙂

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