List of CSS, jQuery And PHP Scripts

CSS or Cascading style sheets can basically be called a sheet language that is used to describe the looks and formatting that is the presentation of a particular document written in a mark-up language in HTML and XHTML documents .This sheet language

can further be applied to any kind of document, even the plain one.

Basically this was developed to separate the mark-up language from document presentation. JQuery is a cross browser java script library and is used to simplify the client side scripting of an HTML document. The basic reason behind it being the most used software is that it is open source software and free. In addition it also makes much easier to navigate and read a document.

PHP similarly is a server side scripting language. It is a general purpose language basically designed for web development. It is also among the first developed server side languages. This time we have posted Best lists of HTML5, CSS, JQuery and PHP Scripts. Have a look at them and please share your thoughts in our comment section below.


CSS Scripts

1) css-tab-designer

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!


2) labs.syropia



It makes adding tabs into a website super simple.
But it can also open the door to endless possiblities.



5) CSS drop-down-llama-menu


6) inverted-shift-down-menu

This clean CSS horizontal menu contains tabs with text that shift downwards slightly when the mouse rolls over it. And just for demonstration, it shows how to make the bottom corners of each tab rounded using both CSS3 and Mozilla’s proprietary declarations for rounded corners.



7) coda-slider


8 ) jtip


9) jquery-ui-tabs-with-nextprevious

Tabbed areas are lovely, but when you start getting to more than 3 or 4 different tabs, they start to get a little crowded and it makes sense to provide alternative navigation of them.


10) javascript-fade-in-out

One of the most common JavaScript effects is fading elements and text in and out. Fortunately, it isn’t very difficult to script and doesn’t require a JavaScript framework. This tutorial walks through creating a well-coded standalone fading script.

11) simple-jquery-dropdown-menu

a simple jQuery plugin I wrote recently which allows you to create a simple drop down menu, utilisinghoverIntent, and

jQuery’s own slideUp and slideDown effects. You can also set the orientation of the drop down depending if your navigation is horizontal (default) or vertical, and set the duration and easing method of both slideUp and slideDown on initiation of the plugin.

12) jquery-accordion-menu

This is a simple Accordion menu done in JQuery. Links with subitems under them will expand the submenu when clicked

13) Image jQuery



14) download-php-script


15) formmailpage


16) PHP pagination


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