35 Beautiful Examples Of HTML5 Site Design Inspiration

HTML5 is a language that used to create web pages, its fifth revision of HTML, a core technology of internet and basic language of designing. This advanced technology has some new features and tags that presents website designs with special effects and awesome layouts. HTML5 adds many new

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syntactical features. These include the <video>, <audio>, <header> and <canvas> elements, as well as the integration of SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) content. Today on internet, thousand of websites are available on internet having attractive designs so I have choose some great piece work of designers. I hope you will love to see this beautiful collection.

Today i presenting beautiful layout designs of websites that are developed in HTML5. These designs has awesome layout using new techniques and functionality. designers can built these effects with short of line code.

This is the great collection of inspirational stuff

for designers. Visit these websites and get ideas to make your web designs more attractive.

This is the first time we are going to share inspirational stuff on TechnoTab. Surely You love to see these HTML5 website designs.

1. Printdiscount

2. Foubdationsix

3. Dropr

4. Web Expert

5. Kevadamson

6. Frontend 2011

7. Imitation

8. Enixel

9. Ideaware

10. Joy Lomanto

11. The Green House

12. Jeremy

13. Tobias Persson

14. Digital Hands

15. Pixelcritivo

16. Dilly Deli

17. 1MD

18. Sohtanakana

19. The Design Superhero

20. Web Standred Sherpa

21. Nokia Descovery Zone

22. Love for Japan

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23. Haunted Cathouse

24. Marija Zanic

25. Facio Design


27. Triverse Center

28. Crane Brother

29. Kiran Owal

30. Chicowebdesign

31. BokicaBo

32. Ryan Scherf

33. Design

34. Sullivan NYC

35. Angry Birds


One thought on “35 Beautiful Examples Of HTML5 Site Design Inspiration

  1. Tomas

    The sites work (more or less) in older Internet Explorer browsers, which haven’t neither of video/audio/canvas/other new tags. So obviously any site can be called HTML5 with just some invisible tags exchanged and no visually difference. Do it work on mobiles? Yes and no, it depends if it is fast enough and not too big in size. You need to be a pro these days to create a good site.

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