How To Choose File Encryption Software?

Security of data, this is what each one of us is worried about when we share out crucial and confidential data within or outside organization. Today file sharing has become the basic need of the business and at the same time no one ca

n afford any breach during transfer. As soon as Security of data came into picture, the word “Encryption” started to follow, which is nothing but masking data and information shared with the help of computer.

Once it reached the destination, the original or unmasked information is retrieved back using Decryption techniques. Of course once you start looking in the market you can find endless list of such software, some are free and some priced but the point to be noted here is, every cialis preise encryption/decryption technique depends upon some algorithm and is different. Now the question is which one suit you best? Well here are some pointers which will help you to decide.

What is the type of Encryption?

One of the major things to be considered while selecting encryption software is the type of encryption technique/ algorithm it uses. It has to be secure and you must be positive that it suits to your specific requirements. Sit for a while and take canadian pharmacy cialis tadalafil some time to think about the level of security you need. As you will see plenty of encryption algorithms exist, avoid fake ones. Advanced Encryption Standard or AES is the endorsed standard and they have chosen Rijndael (encryption algorithm) as its standard.

There are more like Serpent, Twofish etc. but it is advisable to go for Rijndael based technique which is fastest and best.


Writing zoloft and cialis an encryption algorithm is not an easy job and hence makes sure your encryption software has been certified. It is the proof that your software is working. US, British and Canadian governments have settled up a process to certify all those software. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification will help you to make sure about your choice and you can anytime match your software with the one on FIPS site to make sure it hasn’t changed since certification.

Automatic Shredding?

You got canadian pharmacy us prescription all your files encrypted but what about the original files which are left alone and can be the reason of security breach? It is important to permanently delete those files from your hard disc once you are done with encryption completely. And this is the job of good encryption software; always select a program that quickly and efficiently destroys the selected file each and every time.


Check what do you want to do with the encrypted

files? Are you going to move data from a computer onto a LAN or E-mail them or transport them on a disk or USB thumb drive or back them up or move them in any other way off your hard drive? There are full disk encryption and File vault options which people can use if portability is not in view. But if you are going

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to do one of the above mentioned transfers then stick to file encryption.

Cost and Ease to use?

Make sure there is one time charge for the software. Also, upgrades should be available with modest cost. Apart from cost as most of your staff may be from non-technical background see if the software is easy to use or not. There are programs which will do all the encryption automatically in the background for you and you are simply required to press a button named “Encrypt”. These are called that are easy to use and much more reliable.

Apart from these basic questions you should ask the vendor about Deniable encryption, ask him if you will be able to recover encrypted data in case keys are lost? You can ask, about some details of creation, storage, archiving of keys, if you like. So make a list of all your queries before you go ahead. This will save your time and money. Have a problem free selection!

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