Facebook Introduce New Privacy Features To Competitor Google Plus

By the launch of Google+ the buzz around the users of cyberspace centered over the lack of privacy features related to the social networking king Facebook.

Google+ become popular among users very soon and have welcomed over10+ million registered users just with in 2 weeks, it offers very fine privacy control and this is the key advantages in comparison to their competitor Facebook, but now Facebook rolling out its new privacy features and many more updates towards users privacy issues, Now it offers a “safety blanket ” to its users.

On Facebook now it is easy for users to control who is authorized to see their information or who is not and it enable over 760 million users to modify their privacy settings so that if user will share any information on network it will not visible to anyone who is not in the sharing group.

One more thing that put a new twist is that when a Facebook user upload a picture and tags or labels their friends, their friends have option of whether to approve tags or not before anything is linked or related to their personal profiles.

Here we round up few features introduced by Facebook


1) Approve tags before publishing

By this feature user can use a dropdown menu that allow users can approve tagged photos and messages that share by your friend groups earlier user only un-tag themselves from photos and posts after tagged by their friends.

Just go to Account then Privacy setting and select Edit Setting.

Then click on Edit next to profile review and your setting changes turn on. Now if someone tags you the post will appear in Pending approval section in your profile.

2) Now you Decide who get to see your posts

By using this feature of Facebook, now you can decide who will see your message and with whom you will want to share your post after posting online by using a dropdown menu you can make visible your post to Friends, Public or Custom.

you can change this setting anytime.

3) For Profile Item Change Privacy Setting

Now you are able to change privacy for each element of your profile. This adds one step further within Facebook updates. This feature allows users to specify their profile details suppose you want to share your birthday with everyone, but not your phone no.this is done by using this new feature.

4) Default Privacy Setting For Posts

By using this feature you are able to set your default viewer for your posts.

If you want that everyone on internet can see your post then this is done by using Public option from the dropdown menu, by setting Friends only Friends of your able to see your post and if your further refine your friend list then use Custom option then only selected friends can see your post. isn’t it cool?

5) PPP (Public Profile Preview)

This is one more cool feature by by Facebook, if you want to see how your profile looks like to your friend or anyone on the internet after making all privacy changes, just go to your profile and then select “View Profile as..” then enter your friend name or select public link to see how it looks like to anyone on web.

Hope you all enjoy this post, we are always trying to give you the best information. Give your comments on this post.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Introduce New Privacy Features To Competitor Google Plus

  1. Deepika

    can you tell me this is upcoming featurs or a current feature of facebook

  2. grenouille

    it’s definitly better and their design (white background for pictures etc) is beautiful. but one thing I hate about facebook is that whenever I google my name, every post on a wall of somebody or a celebrity shows up with my full comment availabe for the world to see. not cool :/!

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