ERP Software Systems: Five Superstars

ERP, or Enterprise

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Resource Planning, is a type of software that a business uses to manage everything. This could be distribution, advertising, employee management, or most functions that a large business tends to use a lot of resources on.

There area lot of these ERP software programs out there and here is a list of the top 5 available right now.

The first program is Microsoft Dynamics GP. This ERP has the backing of a large corporation behind it, meaning there is a lot of support and patches that keep it bug free and up to date. The most recent version, 2010R2, allows for up to 500 payroll employees and 10 administrators. This number should be plenty for most small businesses. Another major benefit is all of this can be handled from the cloud with no installations needed.

Second on the list is Sage Group. This is by far the most popular ERP among small businesses with over 6 million customers worldwide. Sage unfortunately doesn’t allow for cloud computing just yet like some of their direct competitors. The interface, however, is probably the most friendly out there and is incredibly fast. Credit card payments are processed quickly and all orders have been streamlined for efficiency. With mobile and tablet applications, Sage Group becomes incredibly efficient for the average person.

Epicor has a few features that set it apart. One is the ability to set up a business activity alert. This feature allows you to set a number of parameters on the software that if met will lead to an alert. This could be used, for example, on shipments that don’t arrive on time or slacking employees. Even though Microsoft has their own ERP, Epicor melds nicely with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Expect even more innovations from Epicor in the future due to

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their recent merger with Activant.

Oracle is one of the largest ERP programs and is offered at a low cost and with simple functionality. This is another example of an efficient ERP program for small businesses. Oracle has one of the best security features and advertises its products as “unbreakable.” If you believe that your business could be at risk through

your network, then Oracle could be a good shield.

Lastly on this list is Netsuite. Netsuite is primarily a cloud-based computing network. This means that you will not have to install anything, making setup a breeze. Cloud computing allows you to set your mind at ease and leave all the technical stuff to Netsuite. Even if something happens to your business computer network, your information, settings, and everything else will stay safe

and just the way you left it on the cloud network.

Of course, each ERP has its own benefits for use and it’s really hard to say which one is the best. You really have to look into which software works best for the specific type of business you are in. Other than that, the final question is the most important. Which one works for you?

Kelvin Stilley contributed this guest post for Managed Services providers. Kelvin is an independent researcher and freelance writer. His articles mainly appear on tech blogs.


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    Yes, I agree, it is really very difficult to choose right and suitable ERP software solution for a specific industry. The manufacturers should first look for the objective, then develop a realistic implementation plan and then choose that one which fits technical for the manufacturing unit.

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