Cool HTML5 Canvas Applications Designers Must Know About

For the purpose of structuring and presenting the content on the World Wide Web a markup language known as HTML5 is used. It is an important and core component of the internet. It is the fifth version of the very popular markup language HTML.

It’s very important and a major aim is to improve the language using the latest technologies and the latest multimedia and also at the same time it makes sure that the language is easily readable and understandable by the common people.

An important feature of the HTML5 is the canvas feature. The basic function of the canvas feature of HTML 5 is that it allows for the dynamic and at the same time scriptable rendering of bitmap images as well as 2D shapes. Therefore the canvas feature is very amazing and using these drawing graphics becomes a very easy job for a HTML user.

It is easy because the canvas has a draw able region and in that the height and width is defined in a HTML code. It is extremely amazing that HTML now offers a wider variety of functions than it did before and the most amazing feature of all the features is the HTML canvas.

One of them is a sketch pad and can create impressive and amazing painting applications. Just like the sketch pad there are numerous other features which are equally amazing that the canvas consists of.

Using the canvas feature of the HTML 5 one can draw directly on the internet and you do not even have to use plug-ins like Flash or Java. It is therefore an amazing feature of HTML5 and is immensely helpful.

A few days ago, we had share some best HTML5 video and audio players, HTML5 mobile frameworks, great resources of HTML and many more. I hope designer would love to use these applications for their next project.

Visit these sites and share your thought in our comment section below. It our pleasure to share best resources for web developers and designers. Thanks

1) FlowerPower


2) canvasphoto


3) HTML5 Canvas Image Effect


4) HTML5 Canvas Pixelate Effects


5) Deviantart


6) 360-player-canvas-visualization




8) scratchpad


9) sketchpad


10) momolog


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