What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

Infographic brought to you by Wrike – Free Online Project Management Software Gantt

How Do I Make A Gantt Chart


Eclipse is an Open Source tool platform that accentuation on java, It engender in November 2001. we all are familiar with the name Android, Android applications are easily pique with the help of Eclipse.we can also develop packages for software Mathematica in Eclipse. A computational Software is called Mathematica which is used in many scientific, mathematical, engineering and computing

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fields. Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE), it is mostly used in Java.

10 Best PHP Libraries You Should Know

It our pleasure to share some best and useful resources, tutorials, inspiration stuff, development resources, design resources, etc. Today i have collected some useful stuff related to PHP developers. Today we come up with some great libraries for PHP.  PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language that was basically designed for web applications.

It is one of the most important and popular development languages. It also the most used language that is used for building up new and dynamic web pages.

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What is essential to make Magento checkout process efficient?

Having a Magento store is a common choice nowadays. This platform is not merely a cheap solution for product promotion, but also a handy tool for boosting your sales. And the main thing your online sales depend on is the smoothness of your shopping process.

Checkout is the last but still the most important part of a shopping process. It is this stage when a customer makes his final decision whether to buy something at your online Magento store or not. To make him forget all the doubts every stage of checkout process should be fast, easy and perfectly clear.

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Oracle PeopleSoft Certifications

There are currently four certifications offer for IT professionals that implement and administrate PeopleSoft Oracle Applications.


• PeopleSoft Human Resources 9 Consultant Certified Expert

• PeopleSoft General Ledger 9 Consultant Certified Expert

• PeopleSoft 9.1 Financial Management: Payables Certified Implementation Specialist

• PeopleSoft 9.1 Financial Management: Receivables Certified Implementation Specialist

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10 Best Free eBooks Every Developer Should Have

In programming and development field there is no need of Introduction for E-books. There are so many books are available on internet for programming,designing and for canadian-pharmacy-24h.com discount code development of various platform and today we are here with a fresh and useful list of eBooks for developers and designers.This list have books for JavaScript users, python, HTML and much more. I hope cialis bathtub meaning you can find solution of code related bugs with the help of these eBooks. With the development of technology and internet viagra mexico you have no need to go library or to purchase books that you need for your work, you can find these books on internet and it is really very convenient for all of us too.

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Freebies: 10+ Best Online Testing Tools For Developers & Designers

Software testing is an investigation about your software that provides you the quality of your software, It also provides an independent view of software to understand the risks that we will handle after launching our software. Before launching a new website testing a website is an important task, whether it is working properly or run all tests like Responsive Design Test, Security Test, Accessibility Test, Cross Browser Compatibility, Cross site request forgery Website Speed Test, validity, Characteristic of application or software, tests etc.

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Tutorials – Creating HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Drop Down Menu

Design part is one of the most important section of every site including color combination, background image, Header and Footer design, logo design, Advertisement positing, Drop-Down menu and much more things comes in designers mind when they create/build websites. A mixture of multiple great thinks make a best generic viagra and cialis website that every design want. From these design cialis craigslist houston section – Drop down menu is on of the popular task for designers.

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Top 10 Fresh and Best jQuery Plugins of October 2013

jQuery is a cross- browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is exactly not a language but it is a JavaScript code, before you are going to use this you should know about basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

jQuery is popular and high in demand among developer because of its rich features, it provide many http://spyappforcellphone.com/ easy does medicare cover viagra or cialis to use functions and methods to make a good

and rich web application and jQuery can be used with JSP, Servlets, ASP, PHP, CGI and almost all the web programming languages. By using jQuery you can handle events, perform animation and add Ajax support into web application.

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The Life Cycle of Software Development

If we follow a strict time table we become more disciplined and prolific. Anything, when organized becomes more fruitful and result oriented. Same goes with Software companies. If one wants to fulfil high quality solutions and satisfy their high end customers they have to organize software development in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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