August 2011- 10 Best Free jQuery Plugins

jQuery is the most popular technique which has a big collection of plugins so far. Plugins are being to make web design task more easy and simple with short line of code. Web design is not a simple task for every one but jQuery plugins helps to make it possible. jQuery is used to develop web 2.0 applications i.e more impressive and effective.  Now a days, this technique is most famous among web developers and designers. On internet, A big number of websites are using this technique.

Today we are going to share jquery plugins of August 2011 that help web developers to make their web application trendy and beautiful. Number of developers are share various type of jQuery

plugin every week, month for personal and commercial use.

I have listed the best collection of august 2011 with image zoom with jQuery, moving background image, image hover, password protected and many more. I hope our readers will appreciate this wonderful task done by developers.

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1) Image Zoom with jQuery

2) Create Sleek Sliding boxes jQuery

3) MyFloatingBg

This plugin create a moving background image for your page. It can be apply to any div, table or body element of your document. Sometimes you want to create simple but nice banner or background for your page.

4) MyGoogleWeather

This plugin adds weather for any city in the world. Sometimes you may want to show the weather information of your local city in your page. It makes your page look young and dynamic.

5) UQR

The jQuery uQr plugin enables you to embed QR codes into your applications or web pages. It’s very simple to use

6) Diapo

7) jQuery Raptorize

8 ) MyFadeOverImage

This plugin create a fading effect for image on mouse over. In addition, you can select a color tone filter for your images. The tone is set for the images, when they are not hovered. When it is hovered, the color tong filter will be removed, so that there is a clear distinction between this selected image and other non-selected images.

9) jQuery Strong Password Plugin Power pwchecker

Power PWChecker jQueryPlugin observes passwords as users type and provide instant password strength check (Weak, Medium, or Strong). This encourages users to review their password selection and ensure that the password is strong and secure.  Power PWChecker also allows you to enforce password length policy by specifying minimum and maximum password length.

10) o3EnlageBox

This plugin can be called on any DOM node to bring it to the forefront of the screen. It’s great for enlarging images from a thumbnail or playing a youtube video on your website from a clickable link or thumbnail.

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