30 Most Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards Designs For Inspiration

Today we come with best letterpress business cards for everyone.We often heard that first impression is the last impression and we

believe to in this and therefore always trying our best efforts for first meeting to anyone, well in case of marketing and business our first impression is our business card that we give to any client or customer, business card shows our attitude and value so it must be the best one. Business card contain the basic information about your company website, phone number, e-mail address, location of your company. And if your card

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is impressive then it leaves a mark on minds of clients after the first meeting. Thus we can say that business card is the most important part of a business world, electronic media is taking over the print media these days, even though we can’t denied the importance of business cards.

Letterpress business cards are very popular, it is a relief printing of text and images, this printing uses a press with a type-high bed printing press and movable type in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive right-reading image. It makes design clean and elegant and thus so popular in the field of printing. If you are looking for a good business card then you must see this collection. We sum-up 30 best letterpress business card templates for you and i hope you’ll like this cool collection.

If you like this post then please give you feedback in comment section below, we are thankful to our wonderful readers who always appreciate us. Check out this collection of 30 best letterpress business cards and find your favorite one among all these.


1) Social Vintage Business Card

2) Day Legal Cotton Letterpress Business Card

3) Letterpress Laura Gordon Photography Business Card

4) Yellowcase Business Card Design

5) Whitney Shaw

6) Red Sky Tattoo

7) Amelia Lyon

8) Chet’s BBQ ID and business card

9) Card re-make

10) Emisiva website Business Card

11) Generation Green business card

12) Letterpress Business Card for Architecture

13) Kyle Van Horn

14) Lissy Business Card

15) Business Card Bryon Darby

16) New card. Simple, and strait forward

17) Bradford Martens Letterpress Business Card

18) Brathw8 Studios Letterpress Card

19) Old Red Hat Letterpress Business Cards

20) Butter Label

21) Deboss Business Cards

22) Cotton Paperie Letterpress Business Card

23) Blue Bird Design Card

24) Alpis Design Business Card

25) The Mandate Press

26) Identity Kitchen

27) Cleverly Cut Card

28) 83 Design Laboratorium Cards

29) Zoë Grave Studio Cards

30) Fresh Impression Card


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