20 Best And Fresh Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is web software used for creating attractive and beautiful website or blog. It is free, open source blogging tool and also publishing platform that powered by PHP and MySQL and these days popular among users. WordPress has rich and advanced features including plug in architecture and a template system. Word Press started in 2003 and never look back, now it has grown to be the largest blogging tool in the world, WordPress now can also be used as content management system(CMS) and much more through hundred of plugins, themes and many more features.

There are so many features WordPress has but one of the popular feature of WordPress is its rich plugin architecture, plugins can extend the capabilities and functionality.

Visit this list and select the useful Wp plugins for your blog and websites, this list presents JSL3 facebook wall feed plugin, Dashboard tweaks, Tweetheader, add image to post, WPtofacebook and many more fresh plugins. So, today we

list-up 20 Fresh and best and Fresh WordPress plugins for free download, you can extend your WordPress functionality by using these awesome plugins.

1) WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition

This plugin adds useful admin links and resources for the WooCommerce Shop Plugin to the WodPress Admin Bar. This small and lightweight plugin just adds a lot WooCommerce related resources to your admin bar. Also links to all setting/ tab pages of the plugin are added making life for shop administrators/ webmasters a lot easier. So you might just switch from the fontend of your site to ‘Payment Settings’ page etc.

2) Jigoshop Admin Bar Addition

This small and lightweight plugin just adds a lot Jigoshop related resources to your admin bar. Also links to all setting/ tab pages of the plugin are added making life for shop administrators/ webmasters a lot easier. So you might just switch from the fontend of your site to ‘Shop Settings’ page etc.

As the name suggests this plugin is intended towards admins/ webmasters. The new admin bar entries will only be displayed if the current user has the WordPress cabability of install_plugins.

3) XIP WordPress Plugin

Monetize your WordPress website/blog with XIP.ir shortlinks. This plugin converts your links to XIP.ir links automatically.

4) Auto Tag Slug

Generate URL-friendly tag slug. Especially useful for non-English speaking country users. This plugin will convert post tags slug to Pinyin or English words.

5) JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed

Displays your Facebook wall as a widget.


Maintaining a huge stack of photos on the website is easy with Photo gallery plugin.If you are upgrading the latest version of mac photo gallery means, Kindly take backup of your previous version data & then do upgrade.

7) Dashboard Tweaks

A collection of Dashboard Tweaks that enables website developers to customize the WordPress Dashboard more towards their clients.With the arrival of WordPress version 3.3 the WordPress Dashboard once again received an overhaul/makeover. The tweaks we have been using since 3.2 no longer cut it and that inspired me to develop this plugin for WordPress version 3.3 or higher.

8) Remove P

Avoid adding unwanted P (paragraph) tags for

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individual pages and posts. There’s nothing more frustrating than embedding images or flash video players into a post and then WordPress automatically adds p html tag that screws up the embed code. This plugin disable this behavior of wordpress and remove the filter that adds paragraph tags automatically in posts.

9) Add image to Post

The Add image to Post plugin allows you to insert image automatically as featured image your post from external link. The Add image to Post plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert a image to your post from external link. The plugin scan the external website to find the most revelant image and add it as a featured image associated to a post. The plugin only trigger when your articles page (single) is loaded once, after that, the image become the post featured image and create a custom field with the name “gc_thumb” and give you the full url of the new image location on your server.

10) Phpharness

phpharness creates a shortcode that lets you specify a php file that you wish to include into a page. phpharness create a shortcode that lets you specify a php file that you wish to include via require_once into a page. Whatever is returned by your specified function will be displayed. [phpharness path=”path to file to require_once” func=”function to fire “]

11) Cardoza Facebook Like Box

Cardoza Facebook Like Box enables you to display the facebook page likes in your website. Cardoza Facebook Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to: 1. See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too 2. Read recent posts from the Page 3. Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page.

12) TweetHerder

TweetHerder introduces a shortcode to easily add “Tweet This” buttons to quotes inside your posts. Mark any piece of text inside a post or page as “tweetable” and TweetHerder will automatically add a “Tweet This” button.

13) DJ Rotator For WordPress

Easily create a DJ Rotator to display which personality is currently on-air. No custom post-types or meta-boxes here! This is a true, stand-alone plugin which gives you complete point-and-click control to help you easily build a DJ Rotator to display anywhere on your WordPress web site.

14) WpToFacebook

WpToFacebook lets you choose contents (manually or automatically) to be shown in one or more ‘tabs’ on a Facebook Page, WpToFb gives you a great number of parameters to be able to update a tab or menu on your Facebook’s page.

15) Post-Page Font Selector

Let’s you choose a font for your posts or pages from the admin edit page for your posts or pages. Will load the styles into the page dynamically, This plugin allows you to choose a font when editing a post or page, that will effect that post or page on the front-end. You can customize which fonts you want available to choose from on the edit pages. You can also tell the plugin which elements to apply the styles to, so you are not limited to just the content of the post or page.

16) TwitterLock

TwitterLock can easily lock up content, which will only be revealed when the user will follow you on twitter or Tweet using twitter.

17) Ajax Search

Ajax Search is a simple instant posts search widget. In the results shows only published posts.

18) Video SEO

This plugin will generate a special video XML sitemap which will help search engines rank you better. Everyday, you’re making cool and engaging videos for your audience. But with all the content that’s out there, how can you make sure that your videos are discovered by users?

19) Language Bar Flags

Displays bar with configurable language flags to other language versions of Your website.

This plugin replace (or disable) standard WordPress bar in the top of website, and display similar bar but with configurable language flags to other language versions of Your website.

In administrative panel You see names of countries in English (or Your native language), but on Your website names of countries are displayed in thier native language. Example: Germany (in backend), Deutschland (in frontend).

20) Enable Image Scaling on Upload

This enables use and display of the image scaling option that comes with the new uploader introduced in WordPress 3.3. WordPress’s new uploader, Plupload, comes with a an option to scale down images during upload. This plugin makes that option visible on the upload screen, leaving you to choose whether you want to scale on upload or not.



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