10 Best Ruby On Rail Content Management System

Ruby on rails is more popularly used in its short form Rails. This can be defined as an open source and the same time a full stack application framework of the web for the programming language ruby. Ruby is a general purpose programming language an


ruby on rail runs on this programming language. It gives the web developer easy access to the server to gather all the necessary information that he needs to and that is essential for him and use it in the desired way.

Hence it is also known as a full stacked language. CMS is the abbreviation which is used for the term content

management system which is basically a very fine and effective computer program. Content management system allows publishing, editing, and modifying some particular content on a web site and also aids in the maintenance of the website from a central page.

The major function of CMS or content management system is to present the data on a website. MS is not only used to publish the data but in addition it can also be used for revising, storing and even controlling the documentation. Today we cover some useful CMS(Content Management System) for Ruby on Rail developers.

I hope developers would love to use these CMS. Also share your thought in our comment section below.

1) Comfortable Mexican Sofa

2) Locomotive CMS

Locomotive is an open source CMS for Rails. It’s super flexible and integrates with Heroku and Amazon S3.

3) Rails Yard CMS

CMS features

1) Hierarchy organized pages

2) Multilanguage frontend and backend

3) Backend actually in English, Italian and German

4) Different and independent pages for each language

5) Editing both from backend and directly from frontend

6) Pretty urls and other seo-friendly features

7) Drop-in themes

8 ) Easy to design layouts

9) Multiple independent layouts per theme

4) Webiva

We like to call Webiva a WBS (Website Building System) as opposed to a CMS (Content Management System) because Webiva’s focus is on the look and structure of your entire website rather than just letting you dump in content. Based on the idea of simplicity first – features later,

Webiva began life in 2006 an micro-cms for a specific project and has grown steadily into tool for us

as web developers to build websites more easily.

5) Flagship

Flagship Docs is a document management system that is pure, to the point, and easy to deploy and use in organizations of various sizes. It features a clean, intuitive user interface, powerful search functionalities, and per-organization control and display options.

6) Radiant CMS

Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.

Radiant features:

An elegant user interface

Flexible templating with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language

A first-class extension/plugin system

Simple user management and permissions

7) Refinery CMS

Refinery is perfect for creating custom content manageable websites. We use “The Rails Way” where possible so you have to learn as little as possible to get started!


adva-cms is a cutting edge open source application platform based on Ruby on Rails and Rails Engines.

Different from others, adva-cms lives in vendor directory and keeps your main app directory clean and dandy. So you can reclaim app directory and use it only for your own application files.

9) Browser CMS

BrowserCMS supports larger teams of editors, has a robust set of features as part of its core, allows for varied permission models, and is customizable via modules.

10) Casein CMS

It provides scaffolding generators and helper functions to quickly create a lightweight CRUD interface for your data, along with a pre-rolled user authentication system.

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    Ruby on Rails is also well known for its coding convention, Agile practices and security strength.

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